Krystal Whitlock, Massage Therapist

I graduated from Career Training Solutions, with highest honors, in May 2010. I became a certified massage therapist in the state of Virginia and also a registered massage therapist in Maryland, where i decided to open my own business. I fell in love with massage after experiencing the healing effects that it has. I was in a car accident causing me to have bulging disks in my back, after being on pain medicine and still feeling limited, i decided to take a natural approach. After my first massage I immediately felt better but after a series of consistent massages i felt like a new person.

My priorities are to honor each of my clients' uniqueness, to listen deeply to their needs, to make sure they are always as comfortable and informed as possible during their session. I customize each session to meet individual therapeutic treatment goals, including but not limited to, deep relaxation, balancing of mind/body/spirit, managing chronic pain patterns, and cultivating one's overall sense of wellness.

Beyond the healing arts, my interests are traveling, kayaking, hiking, watching football, socializing with friends and enjoying every moment I can with my children.