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Swedish Massage

Relaxing strokes and gentle kneading to ease tension, relieve stress, improve circulation and enhance lymphatic flow.

45min -$75, 60min -$85, 75min -$120, 90min -$130

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

For the most stressed clients; designed specifically to relieve pain, loosen uptight muscles, deep-rooted knots & muscle adhesions. For Sports massage, Chronic aches, pains and injuries are the focus of this therapeutic massage. This form of massage is designed to reduce pain & promote faster healing

30min - $65, 45min - $75, 60min- $95, 75min - $120, 90min - $130


Prenatal- This is highly recommended after the 1st trimester to relieve lower back pain, general headaches, edema, sciatica, abdominal pressure & fatigue. This involves a gentle and nurturing massage for mothers to be.

60min - $95, 75min - $120

Tension Tamer

-- Scalp, Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Relieves Headaches, TMJ Pain, Sinus Pressure

30minutes - $65

Packaged Massage Services 

Stress Relief

-Swedish and Deep Tissue

-Acupressure Points

-Aromatherapy stress blend

-Reflexology on hands and feet

-Hot packs on back and soothing eye pillow

60min - $105, 75min - $130, 90min - $150

Pick me up 

-Swedish and Deep tissue Massage

-Hot stones, CBD oil OR Muscle Relief oil (applied to problem areas)

-Foot OR Hand Renewal (includes Reflexology), Exfoliation AND Mask


-Hot packs on pack and soothing eye pillow

75 minutes - $150, 90 minutes $170

Rosewater & Cucumber Delight

-Stress Relief Massage

-Hand and Foot Renewal

-Hand and Foot Scrub

-Hand and Foot Reflexology


-Heated Back Pad

-Hot towels soaked in Rosewater for hands and feet

90 Minutes -  $220

105 Minutes - $240

120 Minutes - $260

Lavender Rose

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Hand and Foot Renewal

Hand and Foot Scrub

Hand and Foot Reflexology


Hot Towels soaked in Rosewater for Hands and Feet

90minutes -  $210, 

105Minutes -  $230

120 Minutes - $250

Massage add-ons

Hand or Foot Exfoliation

This treatment starts with scrub that will remove dead skin cells. Warm towels are used to remove the scrub and leave you with a soft and touchable skin. After cream is applied with a light massage to your feet and hands.

 Hand or foot  $12.50

 Both  $25.00


Specialized pressure techniques are applied to specific wellness-related reflex points on the feet to release blocked energy, relieve stress and boost circulation.

15 minutes    $25.00

 30 minutes   $65.00

45 Minutes     $75.00


Hand Massage

Do your hands need extra attention? Add 10 more minutes to any service for your hands!


Foot Renewal

First feet exfoliated and wrapped in hot steamed towels, soaked in essential oil of peppermint to stimulate and sooth while applying pressure to points on the feet, relaxing the entire body. A massage follows on feet and lower legs using rich creams to soften and soothe


Hot Stone

Ask us to apply hot stones to any part of your body during any massage service. This is especially perfect if you have tight muscles on one part of your body.


Scalp Massage

Add a scalp massage to any service